That's So College

by No, Not Yet

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(Chorus 1)
3 credit commence at 8am but alarm clocks been disregarded. You partied way to hard last night-the scent lingers in your armpits. Pop that cap and drink the arrowhead, that hangovers indiscriminate, youth colludes best respond with a new tattoo-HA! That's So College!

(Verse 1)
Party Vigilant, M.O. Epithet. Kissing in the stairwell-condom or inoculate. Probably get a hotel and flatter like a sycophid. You know he's gonna make a move, loose goose or hypocrite.

Major takes late paper due, represents your intellect. Spring break on the beach-now thats a trip worth recommending. Spotted on the screen, played on MTV. Post it on your facebook page, label it obscene!

Worth endorsing it, apply for a scholarship-sip drink-headache-been cured with a protein shake. Study and graduate, hang a scrunchy and take care-your roommate got laid by brunette and dates a premiere. Talk is cheap right here-embossed and pick career, sparred from the alcohol and beer-WEST MOUNTAINEER! All about straight talk and awkward conflicts-play down the shame walk-THATS SO COLLEGE!

(Chorus 2)
Pick a frat and name your pledge
Misdimeanors with good intentions
Papers, labs, exams
Cross country trips in MiniVans

When you wake up in a house that you don't know, And when you ditch class just to ride some snow. When your (still) underaged but your overgrown, and Jaeger Bombs-Thats So College!

[Chorus 1]

(Verse 2)
Benny didn't make it too his room last night, slept at a friends house, sore from that old couch-Tracy didn't come back too, suite mate worried when she wakes up alone in her room. Can't stop now that love done bloomed-engaged to her sweet heart far too soon! Mama don't like it, mad at the groom BUT daughter grown up now, there's nothing she can do!

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]



released May 11, 2013



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No, Not Yet Colorado

Indie Folk Hip Hop. I don't think there are many others inside this niche genre...

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